Amtrak tips from a 30-day USA rail pass traveler


I’ve just finished my 30-day, 12 segment USA rail pass from Amtrak, hitting Chicago, Syracuse, Boston, Portland, Trenton, and D.C.

3740 miles by train. 3740 long miles.

Hopefully these tips help a future 30-day rail tripper improve or avoid their own trip. Overall, I’m very happy with my trip, and thoroughly enjoyed travelling independently through the northeast. However, sometimes trains suck here in the States.

My itinerary: NEW-Kansas to CHI (Southwest Chief), CHI to SYR (Lakeshore Limited), SYR to BOS (Lakeshore), BON-Boston North to POR (Downeaster), POR to BOS (Downeaster), BBY-Boston Back Bay to TRE (Northeast Regional), TRE to WAS (Northeast), WAS to CHI (Capitol Limited), and CHI to NEW (Southwest).

Top Five Lessons of a Amtrak rail-pass (or Amtrak in general):

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